Is it possible to live a life out of order? Must stories always be told chronologically or does time allow for getting sidetracked? I asked myself these questions before starting this particular post. This journey began as a way to tell my story. Well, today is a part of that story, thank goodness. So I positively do not have to tell you about the time my brother almost broke my nose. We can save that for another day. This time, I just want to be joyful about finding my words. That’s the thing about writing here… I can do exactly as I please. It is my blog.

I never would have guessed the amount of jubilation experienced as my fingers click at this keyboard. Perhaps I would have done it sooner; doubtful, but one will never know. I’m giving full credit of this literary return to my recent New Year’s to-do list as resolutions were not for me this January 1st. In fact, I’ve waged a full on war against procrastination. It plagues me in almost every aspect of life. It has kept me from writing these words for far too long. I’m taking responsibility for my time wasting habits. Period. Wasted time is a crutch I have leaned upon for decades. Sometimes, time well wasted, but wasted nonetheless.

Good Morning, 2018! I’ll just be over here taking ownership of my nonsense. I have a TON of it. It’s possible I will be battling my propensity to procrastinate for a lifetime… And even then, I wonder if I could list all of my nonsense?! Probably not. This is definitely the beginning of a new, long-term relationship with myself. The “New Year; New Me” title might be fitting, but it feels overdone and understated for this change. I’m not really a “New Me,” I’m just sharing more of me on a time crutch. We only have a finite amount of these minutes that pass by us. How the hell have I wasted so much of it… And with such little regard, too?! All of my questions are rhetorical, of course. Though you might find yourself muttering answers toward them on occasion. SEE. It’s so easy for me to get pulled in different directions. I lose track; I forget direction; I rarely come back exactly the same. Something has almost always been changed. This year, it will be my perspective. I will embrace the side traveling that is my wandering mind, but I will not let time, nor subject matter, keep me from writing about it.

Self-Love is so 2018.

 Until next time… xo

Ish, accordingly


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